4th and 2

This is not a sports blog, but I couldn’t resist. 

For the past 2 days, I have heard many different points of view on Bill Belicheck’s decision to go for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts on Sunday night.  A lot of the comments were decidedly negative, some were plainly idiotic.  The positive comments seemed to focus on defending Belicheck because of the good calls that he has made in the past.  This, however, infers that the call he made was wrong.  Not so, he made the right call.  

Given the circumstances that he was facing at that particular point in the game, he decided to put the ball in the hands of his trusted quarterback, indisputably one of the greatest clutch players the NFL has known.  It’s not a bad call simply because it didn’t turn out like he hoped.  It was the right call, it just didn’t get the result we wanted. 

That call, however, has worked out many times before, including earlier this season against Atlanta when it was credited for 16-10 win.  In fact, Belicheck has been successful 76% of the time when making that call.   

That’s exactly the kind of management that differentiates an organization, and more than ever in this economy, it’s the kind of decisive leadership that organizations need.  In any event, you can’t go from being a genius and a football hero to a goat overnight based upon one call. 

Although there are overwhelming positives of our digital world, this instant gratification society, with its short memory span, and unforgiving nature is not one of them.  We have so many blockheads that have been elected to Congress and are deciding on our health insurance policies, the bailouts of banks, our energy policy, and our management of sensitive global and domestic issues.  We have other blockheads that were (and some that still are) running big banks, major car companies, Wall Street investment houses, some of whom made terrible decisions, were indecisive, or just plain stupid. 

Bill Belicheck considered the totality of the circumstances, and went for it, he put it all on the line, and gave his team the best chance to win, it just didn’t work this time! 

Still, I would rather have a smart, analytical, decisive leader like him making decisions for me than some of these others that I see on the nightly news.


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